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AISA to build 14 industrial parks in Kabul

AT-KABUL: The Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) is to build 14 industrial parks in the districts of Kabul province to “strengthen” the agricultural and horticultural products, head of the agency Mohammad Qurban Haqjoo said Tuesday, signing the agreement with Kabul governor Mohammad Ekram.

Haqjoo said that the government would be responsible to provide lands for the project in each district.

He said that at least 25 acres of lands was needed which would be distributed to the investors to build small and medium industrial parks.

“We will build industrial parks according to the local agricultural and horticultural products in a bid to strengthen the domestic products,” Haqjoo mentioned.

He stressed that AISA would prioritize local investors and traders to buy the lands.

“We have plans to build industrial parks in northern districts of Kabul to process agricultural and horticultural products,” he added.

He highlighted that a major economy of Afghanistan is depend on agricultural- modernization, and reprocessing domestic products can encourage the farmers and gardeners to take active part in economic growth.

There are only a handful of factories that make fruit juice in the country, while hundreds of such plants are needed considering the fact that most of people are busy in agriculture.

Haqjoo pointed out that 30 percent of the industrial parks would be distributed to the businesswomen because they are involved in the great aspects of industry.

Governor Ekram termed construction of industrial parks vital important, saying that the establishment of the parks could lead the improvement and promotion of the domestic agricultural products.

“Government is determined hand over the land to the AISA as soon as possible to start consecution work for investment,” Ekram mentioned.

“All the lands will be state property and would be sold through relevant administrations.”

He stressed that the construction of the industrial parks would provide job opportunities for 4,200 people.

So far investors have invested around $2.1 billion over industrial parks in all over the country. AISA terms insecurity, lack of fundamental infrastructures as electricity, water and land the main challenges in front of investors asking government to resolve the obstacles.

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