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AJF condemns attack on TOLO TV bus

“Taliban proved that they have no respect for human rights and freedom of speech”

AT-KABUL: The Afghanistan Journalists Federation (AJF) and scores of media outlets on Thursday strongly condemned the Wednesday’s terrorist attack on the mini-bus of TOLO TV channel and urged the government to ensure safety of journalists and media organizations.

The AFJ issued a resolution in this regard, saying that the Taliban “terrorists” had proved through the Wednesday’s attack that they had no respect for human rights and freedom of speech.

The resolution says, “The Afghanistan Journalists Federation and Afghan media strongly condemn the barbaric attack and written Wednesday as ‘Black Day’ in the history of Afghan media. Taliban also proved that they are terrorists and Afghans are the worst victims of terrorism.”

According to the resolution, the attack altered relations between media and the Taliban as the media organizations would bring changes in their policies regarding coverage of the militant groups.

Afghan media urged the National Unity Government to identify those who are in the administration and are supporting the Taliban and bring them to the court of justice. The federation also asked the international and local media to obey the law regarding coverage of the militant groups.

The journalist community also asked the security agencies for improved security measures to protect the media offices and staffs. The federation also asked the owners of the media outlets to implement the regulations pertinent to media in order to compensate the killed and injured journalists.

The AJF also asked the government to punish those security officials who committed negligence in their duty and provided an opportunity to the terrorist to carry out the attack.

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