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Al-Qaeda base pounded in Ghazni; 31 rebels killed

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KABUL: A large number of al-Qaeda Terror Network fighters have been killed in the massive pre-down anti-terror operation conducted jointly by the Afghan and foreign forces in southern Ghazni province, ministry of defense said Wednesday.

“31 Al-Qaeda insurgents including nine of the group’s suicide bombers, were killed in a joint airstrike carried out by Afghan and coalition forces in Giro district,” Qais Mangal spokesman for the defense ministry told Afghanistan Times.

The airstrike pounded an Al-Qaeda’s military base while they were trying to relocated their positions, the spokesman added.

Qair Arif, an Al-Qaeda facilitator were also killed in the operation, Mangal said, adding he was belonging to Indian Al-Qaeda branch. “He, Arif, wanted to shift the terrorists to a second location through vehicles, but pulverized on the spot.”

According to the ministry of defense, all the Al-Qaeda fighters were killed in the operation.

This comes as anti-terror operations have been escalated across the country in a bid to nip the evil in the bud, as of yesterday, dozens of insurgents were killed and wounded.

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