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Al-Qaeda recruitment In-charge detained in Nangarhar

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KABUL: The recruitment in charge of the al-Qaeda terrorist network was arrested during an operation carried out by the national police in eastern Nangarhar province, officials said.

“Police managed to arrest al-Qaeda terrorist network recruitment in-charge during a crackdown conducted by police in Sorkh road district of eastern Nangarhar,” said a statement issued by Ministry of Interior (MoI) Press Desk on Monday.

The statement said that the detained member of the al-Qaeda terrorist network in collusion with the Taliban was involved in organizing of different terrorist attack in the province.

It is pertained to mention that this comes while; often Afghan government said that the Taliban did not cut ties with the Al-Qaeda group despite start of peace negotiation and over the past one year Afghan government has killed and detained several Al-Qaeda member in different parts of the country.

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