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Al-Qaeda senior leader among 80 fighters killed: NDS

AT-KABUL: The senior leader of the al-Qaeda terrorist network Omar Khattab was killed along with 80 fighters in a joint Afghan and international operation in Afghanistan, the intelligence agency said Tuesday.

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) said in a statement that the intelligence special operatives along with the Afghan National Army and the NATO-led Resolute Support forces conducted operations against the al-Qaeda fighters in Ghazni, Zabul and Paktia provinces.

“The operations continued for one week and ended on December 1st which resulted in the killing of 80 al-Qaeda fighters including senior leader of al-Qaeda Khattab alias Omar Mansour.

Khattab was the most important figure of al-Qaeda after Asem Omar, the leader of al-Qaeda in subcontinent of India, the statement added.

It stated that during the operations, 27 al-Qaeda fighters were arrested and their five hideouts completely destroyed.

Qasem known as Khoram Kiani, Hasan Hamza and Jonaid were the other famous member of al-Qaeda network in Afghanistan, who were killed during operations, mentioned statement.

Statement said that Mustafa military In charge of Al-Qaeda, three Panjabi Taliban fighters and two local militants were also among killed fighters.

Since 2015, al-Qaeda members are actively taking part in conflict against government and international forces in Afghanistan. They have played rule of consultation and provide professional support to Taliban for using heavy weapons including shelling of rockets and mortar.

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