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Alipour supporters run amok in second day of violence

KABUL: A protest that was staged on Sunday over arrest of a local commander Ali Poor entered to second day in western Kabul.

Hundreds of people mostly Hazara ethnic protested in Pul-e-Sokhta area western part of Kabul city over arrest of a local commander Ali Poor on Sunday, which it entered to the second day.

Rally started from Dasht-e-Barchi to Shaheed Mazari Square in Pul-e-Sokhta area. Violent protest turned to second day, according to Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) 10 wounded people were shifted to hospital yesterday.

Ministry of Interior (MoI) Security Deputy General Akhtar Mohammad Ibrahimi in a press conference said at least 48 police were wounded after protestors attacked them by dropping stones and using batons.Out of 48 wounded police, four of them wounded by firing of those opportunists influenced among protestors.

He said that protestors also attacked police check points in 6th, 13th and 18th PD and torched eight check points in the area.Rejecting use of guns by police against protestors, he said that there is no information in hand about killing and wounding of protesters till now.

He said that currently Ali Poor is under investigation of NDS and he was blamed to different crimes and illegal activities in central provinces. criticizing protestors regarding running protest over arrest of a suspect, he said that many such suspected figures have been arrested in the country and brought before justice.

He said that if the arrested local commander found guilty law will be reinforced on him otherwise he will be released. All people demand from government and security organs was to control those illegal armed groups cause pestering for people in the country, he noted.He said that earlier we also had such cases and the law will be reinforced in balance step by step.He urged people to take action knowingly in such cases

On the other hand National Directorate of Security (NDS) in a statement confirmed arrest of local commander Ali poor in 18th district Qal-e-Qazi area in Kabul.Statement said that the mentioned commander has established an illegal armed group with 150 persons armed with light and heavy weapons in 1395 solar year.

The commander was involved in different illegal activities including extortion from land owners, traders and private companies from Behsood residents as well as he used to harass people in the area, added the statement.

Statement said that earlier security forces struggled to stop illegal activity of the aforementioned commander, but they came under attack of the local commander persons and five police were taken hostage with weapons and equipment in first phase of Behsood district.

Responsible organs and court will recognize weather this local commander is criminal or not, added statement. Security organs are responsible for reinforcement of security and those groups and figures, who struggle to avoid reinforcement of law, will be violator and face legal action.

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