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Alipur Pledges Loyalty to Taliban

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KABUL: A militia commander, Abdul Ghani Alipur has purportedly engaged in a deal with the Taliban group, authorities said on Tuesday.

Bamiyan Governor Sayed Anwar Rahmati said that there are reports about Alipur’s engagement in an agreement with the Taliban. He cited the remarks in a ceremony held for the 20th anniversary of Buddha statue destruction by the Taliban. “I hope it is untrue,” Rahamati said, adding that Alipur stationed some of its armed fighters in Abqara village of Shibar district.

“The tribal elder of Shibar district tried to negotiate with Alipur to draw back his fighters but he didn’t give a positive response,” he added.

But Mohammad Hussien Tawan, who is a close follower to Alipur has denied the allegation, saying that there is no link between Alipur and Taliban.

Alipur is an illegal militia commander stationed in the central province of Wardak. The government accused him of violating public orders, robbery and extortion.

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