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All illiterate Afghans must be covered by literacy program by 2030: UNESCO

AT-KABUL: United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Sunday while granting the first lady “Bibigul Literacy Prize Award” insisted that all illiterate Afghans must be covered through literacy program across the country.

Illiteracy program must be run in better manner to ensure that all illiterate Afghan including men and women achieved literacy and numeracy in Afghanistan, said Program Manager of UNESCO Naomi Matsumoto.

She said that Afghan government must strive hard to deliver literacy program with the support of international relevant organs to all illiterate people.

Director and Representative of UNESCO Patricia McPhillips said that despite tireless working in education fields, still 11 million people under age of 15 years are can’t read and write as well as don’t know mummery skills

She said that according to literacy national action plan 34 percent men and 18 women are benefited literacy in low level.

In rural area 90 percent of women and 63 percent of men can’t read and write, she added.

She said that UNESCO will continue to support literacy program for further achievement in future.

Acting Minister for Education Assadullah Hanif Balkhi said that according to repost still around 40 percent of population is illiterate in the country.

He said that ministry will strive hard to deliver literacy training program every hook and pave the ground for people to become literate.

Currently 15000 literacy training is active, in which 500,000 students including male and female are undertraining throughout the country, he underlined.

First Lady Bibigul urged all Afghans men and women learn knowledge to achieve their goals.

Educated people can play more important role in development of the country, she mentioned.

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