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“All parties optimistic about peace negotiations”

AT-KABUL: Amidst the Afghan government’s efforts to bring the Taliban militants to the table of negotiations and ensure lasting peace in the country, Government Media Information Center (GMIC) on Monday said now is the time to use the present opportunities and situation for making the peace dream real.

“It seems that militants have also realized that war is not the solution,” said Sifatullah Safi, chairman of GMIC.

Addressing a ceremony titled ‘Mobilizing Public Mindset for Peace’, he said all parties have positive views about peace negotiations. “Current environment for ensuring peace in Afghanistan is better than any other time in the past, thus it should be used effectively,” he added.

He said anti-government elements have realized the fact that war is not the solution and differences should be overcome through negotiation.

Majority of critics believe that the current opportunity for peace is odd, hence it should be used thoroughly and the government should take its advantage in favor of peace in the country.

The remarks come as recently the Pakistani government asked the Taliban to start peace negotiations with the Afghan government, and warned them that they will not allowed to use their soil for insecurity Afghanistan.

In the meantime, regional countries including Saudi Arabia, China, turkey and a number of other countries have said they were prepared to support the peace process in Afghanistan.

The peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban militants were supposed to kick off last month but delayed due to a number o reasons.

On the same occasion, the High Peace Council (HPC) member, Qazi Mohammad Amin Wiqad, said ensuring peace is one of main responsibilities of the government therefore it should leave no stone unturned to bring lasting peace in the country. “Afghanistan is the home for all of us. Those who are opposing the administration and have left the country or have joined militants, should know that we are waiting for them,” he said.

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