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Allegations of arms sales to militants gain traction

AT News Report-KABUL: Security and defense forces in western Badghis province have been accused of selling weapons and other ammunition to the militant outfits, top provincial security official said, underscoring the need for immediately halt to the process that strengthening the extremist groups.

The newly appointed police chief, Gen. Ahmad Fahim Qayem vowed to prosecute security forces selling their ammunitions to the armed militants. “This is a betrayal act, and the culprits would be brought to the book.”

In the past, it has been said that insurgents have been fighting against security forces with weapons and ammunition belonging to the security forces.

This is an old problem, and the Afghan masses believe the government doing little to address the dilemma. However, spokesman for the ministry of interior showed seriousness in pursing such cases, which is totally against the national interest with great risk to the life of brave Afghan security forces.

“Don’t sell police bullets, and any soldier who sells police bullets, must know that actually, he sold himself and his family and anyone who sells bullets to the enemy will be persecuted,” the police chief, Qayem said.

“Don’t show mercy on those killing you and civilians. Fire 10 bullets against their one bullet,” the police chief told security and defense forces while chasing the militant outfits.


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