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Allowing US drop bomb is a national treason: Karzai

AT News Report-KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai criticized the government for allowing the US to drop its largest non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan, calling it a “national treason”, adding that he was decisive to expel the US troops from Afghanistan.

“Afghanistan is witnessing the test of deadliest US weapon. I am determined to stand against the US interests and aggressions in Afghanistan,” the former president addressed a meeting held Saturday to discuss the Durand Line in the national manner.

Karzai called the US aerial attack as a clear disgrace to the honors of Afghans. “This is a disgrace to us and our soil.”

He called the Thursday attack as pre-organized, carried out as a genocide weapon test.

“This attack was not only the violation of our national integrity, but it was a violation of the environment,” the ex-president said.

“We should ask why did the US wait for two years and did not do anything against Daesh? Daesh for the first time emerged in 2015 in the eastern parts of Afghanistan.”

Karzai added: “Does the US sees Afghanistan this much valueless? Does Afghanistan lack of owner this much that the US decides to carry out atrocities?”

He asked a question that what does the US do in Afghanistan? It has increased its presence here, but did it reach its goals?

He criticized the government for confirming the attack, saying the current government did not represent Afghan people and their destiny. “If the government has let the US carry out the attack, it is a national treason,” Karzai said, adding that he didn’t recognize the “symbolic government” and would work to expel the US from Afghanistan.

Regarding the Durand Line issue, Karzai said if Afghanistan gives the territory of the other side of the line, Pakistan would have more demands in the future.


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