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Americans confident about Afghanistan’s future: NATO commander

AT-KABUL: The top NATO commander, General John Campbell on Wednesday called on the Chief Executive of the national unity government, Abdullah Abdullah where they discussed different issues including the US long-term support to Afghanistan.

“Americans have found great enthusiasm and interest in supporting Afghanistan and they are optimistic about future of this country,” Campbell told in the meeting.

A statement sent by the CEO’s office said that during the meeting, Gen. Campbell presented a report about his recent visit to the United States. He said it was a good news that Americans are eager to support Afghanistan and in the meantime they are optimistic about the country’s future. He also said that the Afghan security forces were well-trained and they have received huge support by the international community in the past 14 years.

Thanking the international community for assisting Afghanistan, Abdullah said the support and assistance from the international community and in particular from the US had great importance for Afghanistan.

The Chief Executive added that the Afghan security forces still needed extensive support because it would be difficult for them to deal with the region’s challenges alone.

He said the security forces needed the international community’s continued support, particularly support by the US.

“Afghan security forces have passed through a long way and are in a better position if compared with the past,” Abdullah said.

He said the security forces have received huge experience in past 14 years and they have gained self-confidence and are able to defend militant attacks.

“But the forces need heavy and state-of-the-art weapons and a strong air force. The Afghan government expects support from its allies in this regard,” Abdullah said.

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