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Amnesty International demands release of Afghan education crusaders

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KABUL – A thunderous call for justice echoes as Amnesty International has vehemently demanded the swift and unconditional release of two champions of Afghan girls’ education and members of the Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team. Locked in the clutches of the Taliban, Ahmad Fahim Azimi and Seddiqullah Afghan face arbitrary charges, igniting a blaze of condemnation from the human rights juggernaut.

The saga began on October 7 when Azimi and Afghan were ruthlessly seized from their Kabul bastion by Taliban intelligence. After enduring a harrowing 72-day detention in the depths of GDI District 40 detention, the duo was abruptly transplanted to Pul-e-Charkhi Prison, a move that Amnesty International slams as a flagrant violation of their fundamental rights.

In an incendiary statement on Friday, Amnesty raged against the capricious nature of their detention, decrying allegations of activities challenging Taliban authority. The organization’s outcry reverberates against the stark backdrop of a denied fair trial, retribution, and heinous physical and mental torture—including the sinister specters of sleep deprivation and solitary confinement.

Amnesty International’s thunderous condemnation is not just for show—it boldly underscores the blatant disregard for international human rights laws. Legal representation and medical support were cruelly denied during the activists’ interrogation, intensifying the injustice. The ruthless confiscation of personal items, from laptops to passports and educational materials, adds a sinister layer to this dark tale.

The battle cry for Azimi and Afghan’s freedom reverberates across the globe, casting a searing light on the dire conditions faced by those who dare to champion education under oppressive regimes. Amnesty International stands undeterred, demanding the world’s attention to secure justice for these education activists.

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