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ANA chopper mistakenly drops ammo, food to militants

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Gen. Abdul Raziq, police chief for southern Kandahar province, on Monday said the army helicopters “mistakenly” drooped ammunition and foodstuff in a Taliban-controlled area in Uruzgan province.

Gen. Raziq who is now leading operation against insurgents in Uruzgan province, said that the ammunition were drooped mistakenly due to bad weather. “Bullets drip was not intentionally to the Taliban area.”

A day earlier, the Gizab district chief, Haji Khoshal, said the army helicopters dropped thousands of bullets to Taliban insurgents in the district.

“The ammunition included around 25,000 Kalashnikov machineguns and bullets,” Khoshal added.

Uruzgan province has six districts, of which four of them are in militants’ control, where fighting between Afghan security forces and insurgents are currently underway.

Recently, at least thirty-two Taliban insurgents including their two key commanders were killed and more than 31 other wounded during a clearing operation carried out by the Afghan security forces in the southern Uruzgan province.

Previously, Police Chief Brig. Gen. Wali Jan Sarhadi said that Srashkhel and Wano localities had been cleared of rebels during the offensive. However, he said that one policeman was also killed during offensive. Moreover, he said that security force were captured two tanks from the Taliban during a clash.

According to a statement from Gen. Raziq, the Taliban insurgents repeatedly carried out attack against security post in Gizab district. “Currently, heavy clashes underway there.”

“The Afghan forces in the district had run out of bullets and food and the ANA helicopters loaded with ammunition and food on Saturday night started their journey to Gizab district despite bad weather condition,” he added.

He furthered that only one helicopter dropped supplies to the Taliban area, and that was due to bad weather. “Leaving the one, others drooped supplies in the targeted areas.”

“When needed, I am ready to go to Gizab district and fight against insurgents,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that the recent clashes in Uruzgan province have left thousands of families internally displaced. The internally displaced families have fled to the neighboring provinces. It has been reported that around 6,000 families have fled to neighboring Kandahar province.

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