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And finally Ghani nods

Is this a compelete deadlock once again? And the dim hope is diminishing once again? If this is, then of course, we are the most ill-fated nation of the world. And why it always happens when Afghanistan and Pakistan are trying to come together to ponder over ways of ending terrorism, that all of sudden hopes are shattered. Is this just the result of an engulfing trust deficit or some world powers are behind the breakup of AfPak bilateral ties?

The continuned pleas by Pakistan for rapproachment perhaps makes it evident that Islamabad wants its ties with Kabul improved, yet there are some interantional powers that all of a sudden disturb the situation. After President Ashraf Ghani and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif held talks on the sidelines of the Paris climate change summit, a dim hope took birth after a much bitter period of acriomony in bilateral relations of the two neighboring countries, but the unconfirmed news reports of death of Mullah Mansour unleashed a new wave of mistrust.

Yet, in a positive gesture, Ashraf Ghani noded to the invitation of Pakistan to visit Islamabad. The two countries need improved relations, resumption of peace efforts to bring the Taliban on the negotiation table to end the bloody conflict in the country. The problem is negativity in thinking and increase in security deterioration have continously confined the relations of the two nations arrested. President Ghani has expressed cautious omptimism for improvement in relations. It will serve as a push for the resumption of peace talks with the Taliban. Since winter has already come and the Taliban will be not as much besuier as they used to be in summer, therefore, the government must grab the chance.

When Ashraf Ghani is poised to visit Pakistan in the coming days to attend an international moot—Heart of Asia—Istanbul Process on Afghanistan, Pakistan must do something which can bring lasting impacts in the region. This is the only way Pakistan can win hearts and minds in Afghanistan. And the thing to do is to bring the Taliban on the table of negotiations but under international gaurantee. Why this gaurantee? Because during the past fourteen years, there had been only one face to face meeting between the representatives of the Afghan government and the Taliban. Only one meeting in 14 years? Oh. And yet they say they are supporting peace in Afghanistan.

They also say that peace in Afganistan means peace in Pakistan. Even though it is not enough, they say that the enemy of Afghanistan is the enemy of Pakistan. Given the flora of words and promises, then why peace is a matter of dreams only? Why it is missing from our lives? Is soothing with words can cure the wounds caused by terrorsim. What the two nations, Afghanistan and Pakistan, need is to trust each other and avoid touching sensitivies, lest we will remain fettered by animosity. And animosity gives nothing but hatred, intolerance, and breeds terrorsim. If the two really wants improvement and there are some internatioanl players, the two must find them out, expose them to the two peoples—Afghans and Pakistanis, that who kept the relations of the two fettered for decades. At least, Pakistan must be sure, the trouble is not caused by regional stakehoders.

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