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ANDSF are guardians of Afghanistan

By Mohammad Ihsan Panjshiri

9 Hoot AH (27 February) is marked as the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) Day. The day is determined to praise the sacrifices, efforts and brilliant achievements of the ANDSF in protecting the system, discipline, law and pride of the Afghan people. The day is celebrated annually across the country through particular ceremonies by the governmental, social and civic organizations to hail the ANDSF for security and stabilizing the country. In our narrative literacy, we call our National Forces as “Iron Fortresses”. These forces indeed are the guardians and guarantors of our country, system, people and territory.

Our ANDSF observe discipline, legal rules and maintain the supremacy of law in the country. They protect our people against enemies’ threats, plots and those who seek malicious acts against the people of Afghanistan.

The ANDSF are not only the defenders of our country but also provide security and stability in the region because they stand against the terrorism and extremism that pose destabilization to the entire region and world. Thwarting terrorist groups their supporters’ plots against Afghanistan and its people is one of the greatest achievements of the ANDSF.

The message for the celebration of the ANDSF’ day for the citizens of Afghanistan is to not refrain themselves from any kind of support to the ANDSF and praise the sacrifices these forces paid to defend the country. Our citizens can express their condolences and appreciation to the families who send their sons for serving in the ANDSF ranking, and try to meet the victims who lost a part of their body in honorably protecting of the people and country.

Like many previous years, it is important that all aspects of the society play an important role in celebration and appreciation of the day. They can pay tremendous effort to praise the ANDSF’s sacrifices and achievements. The Elites and experts have more responsibilities in regards. University Instructors, education centers, tribal elders, government officials, national and civil organizations, media, informative organizations and all citizens of country in a single-united voice should take some actions to praise the guardians and defenders of our land.

The best way to celebrate the ANDSF’s day is to meet their problems that they face on duty and provide them with facilities which they need in battlefields. Resolving the ANDSF’s problems will motivate them and surge their moral of performing their duty with integrity, honor and more effectiveness.

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