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ANDSF praised for their valor for protecting the motherland

By Bilal Yousfi

KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani, in separate phone conversations with a number of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) officers on duty at the front lines on Sunday morning, praised their valor, commitment and high morale for protecting their people and country.

“Afghanistan National Army is the backbone of the security and stability in our country,” added the President, assuring that he would continue to regularly contact with ANDSF at every corner of the country.

While lauding the country’s Special Forces, President Ghani termed their capability and commitment unprecedented in the region and said the Office of National Security Council will adopt necessary measures to address their recommendations in terms of equipment and other enablers.

The ANDSF are considered as the true sons of this soil who engaged in the fight against different types of fundamental terrorist groups around the country. Despite warriors, they are also considered as peacekeepers. The ANDSF are the most crucial components of a stable and successful Afghanistan during and after any peace process. They have been fighting the enemies of humanity for nearly 20 years with courage and high morale. They are in the frontline of war to safeguard other humanity around the globe from terrorist attacks. In true scenes, they are fighting on behalf of the world to kneel down the terrorists.

All applauds to the Afghan security forces who render sacrifices on a daily basis to protect the national sovereignty of the motherland from any sorts of aggression. The ANDSF are the pride of the Afghan masses.

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