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ANDSF recaptured Arghanjkhwa of Badakhshan

KABUL- Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) after a fierce fighting Tuesday morning recaptured headquarters of the Arghanjkhwa district of northeastern Badakhshan province and imposed heavy casualties on the militants, army officials in north said.

The operation to recover the district from the militants was kicked off Monday morning and after a day and night of heavy fighting by army and police forces with the support of the Afghan air force the militants were driven back from the area and the district center was recovered, Hanif Rezaee, spokesman for the army in northern Afghanistan said.

“The district headquarters were recovered today morning (Tuesday morning) at 8:00am, enemy suffered heavy losses” Rezaee said.

The district was lost to the militants last week after security forces made a tactical retreat to avoid further casualties among the security forces.

During the ground operation and result of the airstrikes 14 militants including, Halim, the Taliban shadow governor for the district were killed and seven of them injured.

The militants among them foreign nationals after suffering heavy loses fled to the nearby villages and mountains, but security forces were on their way to chase them.

Badakhshan with most of its districts mountainous, is among the insecure provinces of the country. besides Afghan Taliban several groups of the foreign fighters from central Asian countries are also active in remote and insecure parts of the province.

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