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Annual healthcare report: 177 people dead, 13,000 injured in traffic accidents

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KABUL: The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) registered 491 traffic accidents in the outgoing Persian Year (March 2020 to March 2021) saying that 177 people died and 13,000 other injured.

Masooma Jafari, spokeswoman of the ministry of public health, said on Monday that the figures were recorded since the beginning of the current fiscal year across Afghanistan with 177 deaths and 13,000 other wounded.

Among the casualties, 25 women were also killed and 1,903 other wounded in the accidents, according to MoPH annual report. 

Most of these accidents had happened in the provinces of Kunduz, Parwan, Helmand, Nangarhar and Herat.

Herat had the lowest number of traffic accidents comparing to other four provinces, but the accidents were the deadliest in the province, as a result 47 people were killed and 2,634 other wounded.

After Herat, many cases of wounded people were registered in Helmand and Nangarhar provinces.

However, General Sayed Noorullah Murad, head of traffic police department said that most of the accidents took place on the Kabul-South and Kabul-North highways.
He added that non-compliance to the traffic rules and regulations, bad road conditions, high speed driving and consuming of narcotics by the drivers while driving cause traffic accidents.

He stressed that drivers should observe driving rules after receiving training to prevent further traffic accidents.

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