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‘Another ceasefire with Taliban in offing’

AT-KABUL: After tremendous achievement in the last ceasefire, where a single incident of violence did not occur during three days of Eid, now the government has gaze at announcing another ceasefire that possibly could lead to a lasting peace and stability.

As part of efforts to jump-start peace talks, the Ministry of Defense has disclosed intention within the government for a second ceasefire with Taliban in near future.

Defense Minister, Tariq Shah Bahrami has spoken out over government’s ongoing efforts to pave ground for a stable and permanent peace in the country.

Will go for the next round of ceasefire, the Minister said, adding the scheme is part of peace process in which government is trying for a durable peace via peace efforts.

Regarding elections security, Bahrami said security forces are fully ready to provide security. Less than three months left to parliamentary and council district elections with already security situation is deteriorating in some parts, making a nationwide election almost impossible.

President Ashraf Ghani has formally called off the unilateral ceasefire with the Taliban as he had announced for Eid al-Fitr, after receiving cold response from Taliban who resumed operations against security forces by turning blind eye over truce extension.

Taliban members who came out to streets and cities from their hideouts during three days of ceasefire had exhibited an extraordinary senses of cordial as both Afghan security forces, and Taliban members hugged each other and posed for selfies with citizens. But the unfortunate side was when Taliban group rejected extension of truce, forcing the National Unity Government to order security forces to launch attack against them.

However, there is high hope over upcoming ceasefire that the Taliban group realizes the importance of peace to not only accept truce, but also extend its period to a longest time.

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