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ANP leader says peace talks sans Afghan govt are ineffective exercise

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: A senior leader of KP based party “Awami National Party (ANA)” has put the ongoing peace talks sans inclusion of the Afghan government as a futile exercise.

Addressing a function organized by the Bacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation at the University of Peshawar, the ANP central general secretary Mian Iftikhar Hussain said that an independent foreign policy was in the interest of Pakistan.

He said that international situation had changed and it required Afghanistan and Pakistan t o change their failed foreign and domestic policies.

According to him, the region’s development and prosperity was not possible without friendly relations with the neighboring countries.

“The success of the peace talks in Afghanistan depends on the sincerity of the stakeholders,” he said, adding, a clear policy for handling Daesh besides the peace talks was also important.

The ANP leader said Pakistan’s past foreign policies had not only created problems for the country but the nation also suffered.

“Both the counties should frame policies for furthering their national interests,” he said, adding, the policies adopted for benefiting the super powers had destroyed the peace in the region. “We are the followers of Bacha Khan and want peace in the world,” he said, adding, war was not solution to problems and every issue could be resolved through talks.

“We preferred talks for restoration of peace in Malakand division. The government resorted to the use of force after the Taliban violated peace agreement,” he recalled.

He stressed that peace in Afghanistan would not be fully achieved without giving China and Russia a role in the peace talks.

He pointed out that India had maintained its relations with Russia but at the same time it didn’t oppose US. “The government should learn a lesson from the flawed policies of Musharraf and Zia,” he argued.

Afghanistan is the biggest market for Pakistan and the government should strengthen trade relations with its neighbors after the Kartarpur corridor opening, he added.

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