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APS terror attack: Parents of killed children demand extension of military courts in Pakistan

By Shamim Shahid-PESHAWAR: Expressing satisfaction over performances of military courts, established in the wake of deadly terrorist attack on Army Public School Peshawar, parents of killed children have demanded its extension.

“Military courts have been established to award exemplary punishment to terrorists and lead to 80 per cent reduction in violent act, therefore, it (military court) must be continued,” remarked mother of Shaheed Asfand Khan during a press conference at Peshawar on Wednesday. Mother of Asfand Khan was accompanied by several other mothers who have lost their children in APS terrorist attack.

Beside mothers, a number of fathers were also present on the occasion. Ajun Khan Secretary General of APS Shuhada Forum was prominent amongst them.

Asfand Shaheed mother while advocating in favor of military courts, said that it helping in return of peace and ending of violence. “So far terrorists involved in such attack. Not punished, therefore, military courts must be extended till ultimate end to these terrorists, ” she remarked and said unless an end to terror and terrorists, there is no justification in winding off of military courts.

Without mentioning name of any political leader or part, she has denounced all those who opposing extension to military courts saying, “in fact such elements favoring continuation of terror and violence in the country.” But she made it clear they will not tolerate politicking on the blood of innocent children of APS. It is the time for peace loving people from all over the country to join voice for further extension to military courts.

In response to a question, mother of APS student Asfand Khan Shaheed said, “we do satisfied with performances of military courts, therefore, favoring its continuation.” Even she endorsed trail procedure under military courts and said that verdicts made in all such cases after thorough investigation and hearing.

She urged President, Prime Minister and all other politicians to help in extension to military courts. She warned that all parents of APS children will go on sit in in front of parliament house in Islamabad if their demand was ignored. The sit in in Islamabad will be continued till acceptance of demands.

Those sentenced to death or to various terms were included facilitators of APS attack. Three of them have already been executed in according to military courts trails.

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