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ARG sexual accusation to be openly investigated: AGO

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KABUL: The Attorney General Office (AGO) says the allegations regarding the sexual harassment and abuse inside the presidential palace would be investigated with the presence of media representatives.

“For a fair, justice a transparent investigation will be held with the presence of Ulema, media, civil society and women’s rights activists and representatives of people,” said a statement released by the AGO on Monday.

General Habibullah Ahmadzai, in an interview with the Khurshid TV channel, accused some officials at the presidential palace of sexual demands and abuse against women. He said that some top officials and presidential advisors in ARG, have hand behind sexual abuse in the ARG.

However the presidential palace has denied the allegations, the presidential candidates council demanded for a transparent probe in regards.

The statement said, that the AGO had earlier asked Ahmadzai to hand over the evidence against sexual harassment in ARG but he was not able to provide the documents and evidence so far.

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