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Armed conflict on the rise; Parliament demands string action

‌By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Members of Wolesi Jirga of the Parliament on Saturday extended their deep reservations over mounting insecurity throughout the country, urging the defense officials to take immediate stringent action. They articulated the reverse impacts worsening security situation poses on the upcoming election and demanded adamant government measures to downsize security threats.

“Today crisis reached the highest level, so the government must take a clear step to deal with insecurity that has been enlarging by passing each day, said a lawmaker, Nader Shah Bahr.

Insurgents are in different provinces, he said, lamenting that insurgents can easily seize a district or a center of a province.

According to him, the soonest militants overrun a district, starts looting all weapons, ammunition and also taking armored vehicles with them.

He questioned the government over its failure of timely action, saying the security forces carry operation only when a district falls down.

In regards to timely action, he criticized such policy, saying Farah city collapsed to the Taliban insurgents, but it took weeks to conduct operation for its regain. “It is also questionable that why security forces don’t’ carry out operations before fall out of any province.”

Another lawmaker, Ahmad Mohmmad Ali Akhlaqi expressed his deep concern over mounting insecurity with lamenting security situation has been worsen in all parts of the country.

There is no doubt over capability of security forces to repel threats and reinforce security, he said, terming mismanagement in leadership as a core reason behind collapse of a district, or at same stage siege of the soldiers.

According to him, when security forces become under siege of the Taliban insurgents no immediate action is in use to rescue them, as a result the blockade soldiers lose morale.

Pointing to Ajristan district of southern Ghazni, he said that since 10 days fighting was going on between Taliban insurgents and security forces.  “A number of soldiers are under siege, so if the government remained reckless, there will be a catastrophe”.

A female legislator, Razia Mangal said insecurity has been growing on daily basis, and accused government of negligence.

She said in Paktia several security posts falling down to the Taliban weekly, but in the face of frequent reporting, the government yet to take action.


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