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Armed groups pose critical security threat: Radmanesh

AT News Report-KABUL: The armed opposition groups are trying to create security threats in some of the provinces, the defense ministry said Saturday.

“They are trying to create security threats in some provinces especially against the schools and voting centers, but the security forces are launching effective operations to nullify the threats,” defense ministry spokesman, Mohammad Radmanesh said.

He added that provinces such as Helmand, Takhar, Uruzgan, Faryab, Jawzjan, Kandahar, Ghazni and Nangarhar were under threat.

According to Radmanesh, 30 districts were under high security threat, while 11 ones were under complete control of Taliban.

Taliban fighters took control of four villages in Chemtal district of northern province of Balkh on Thursday, according to Afzal Hadid, head of provincial council, who claimed that the militants were near the district center.

14 border police officers were killed some two weeks ago when the insurgents attacked their outposts in Faizabad of Badakhshan and Chah Aab of Takhar provinces.

Security analysts say that open border crossings and active recruitment centers for Taliban in Pakistan were the elements of increasing attacks by the militants. “Borders are open, recruitment centers for Taliban are active in Pakistan, there are training centers for militants there, we are busy in political differences in the country, irresponsible armed and drug groups are active in the country that have joined to pose a serious threat for our security,” said security expert, Mirza Mohammad Yarmand.


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