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Army chopper downed by ‘guided missile’ in Behsood, claims parliament

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KABUL: The parliament’s defense commission claims that a military helicopter that crashed in the Behsood district of Wardak province three months back, was downed by a “guided missile”.

The military helicopter was downed in the battle scene in Behsood in March. A militia commander Ghani Alipour is accused of downing the army that was claimed by the government to have been rotating to transfer dead soldiers. But a video shared with the media shows a war helicopter not transportation.

The report said Tuesday that the helicopter was downed by a modern rocket with night vision.

It said that Alipour’s men also seized a large number of army weapons, six humvee type military vehicles, eight ranger vehicles and some foodstuff.

The parliament delegation, who had met with people in Behsood, cites them that the armed kuchis (nomads) attacked their homes and mosques. The Behsood residents also said that the Kabul-Bamyan highway that passes Behsood has been always insecure where passengers have been dragged of the buses and beheaded.

The helicopter according to the report, was downed from a 2 or 3 kilometer distance that killed all nine people onboard.

“The investigations show that the rocket used to down the helicopter was the ATGM guided missile that follows the signal heat or frequency,” it said.

The rocket was similar to the Russia-made missile of Konkurs that Iran, China and Japan have made its copies. Intelligence reports say that the rocket was provided by Iran to the armed opposition groups since it was used to down army planes in Helmand before the Behsood incident.

Meanwhile, lawmaker Ali Akbar Jamshidi, said that the defense ministry confirmed ambiguities about the Behsood attack on the army helicopter were not removed to make sure that it was downed by a guided missile.

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