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‘Army remains impartial in political issues’

AT-KABUL: The army chief of staff has said that military would keep its impartiality in the political issues, denying the Wall Street Journal report that he opposed army’s intervention in dismissing Balkh governor and had left meeting with President Ashraf Ghani.

“I reject the report that had said I opposed the president’s military option over Balkh problem,” Mohammad Sharif Yaftali said, calling the denying the report as “completely baseless”.

He rejected any meeting regarding Balkh issues. “The army is representing people’s power and decision and is under the commander in chief in every situation.”

The president of the country is commander in chief for armed forces.

Yaftali emphasized that the country’s army is a national body and will remain impartial in political issues.

“All the generals, officers and soldiers are in people’s service and are serving under the president who is also commander in chief. The army soldiers and officers are national, away from ethnic, religious and political parts.”

Yaftali asked domestic and foreign media to reflect the real issues in the country.

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