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Army to ‘recapture’ Taliban-held districts in 6 months

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KABUL: Afghan forces will recapture all districts that have fallen to the Taliban in a countrywide onslaught within the next six months, said a military official on Monday.

“A six-month military plan is underway to regain control of all Taliban-held areas,” said spokesman to the Security Sector Ajmal Omar Shinwari.

Speaking at a press conference, Shinwari said that government forces in a fresh string of military operations have already ousted the insurgents from 30 districts that had previously been overrun by the Taliban.

Security forces have retreated from several flashpoint areas in a bid to avoid civilian casualties, he said.

Government plans to regain control of Taliban-held regions comes amid an ongoing rebel offensive across the country. The militants have overrun dozens of district centers, encircling and closing in on main cities.

Fighting is also raging on in many parts of the country in what it seems to be a major impetus in Taliban attacks in recent months after US-led foreign troops began withdrawing.

The Taliban captured many of the district centres without facing resistance from Afghan forces who ceded their weapons and tanks to the militants without demur. The government has repeatedly called this as an strategic retreat to prevent civilian casualties.

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