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As Taliban surge, Biden set to meet Afghan leaders

An unbridled crescendo of territorial losses to the Taliban and a fractured peace is a brutal reality check of how frail our country is after decades of American military engagement – all hinting at peril of a full-blown civil war looming over Afghanistan. It is a folly to ignore the fact that Biden administration’s withdrawal has contributed to the militants’ new dangers

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KABUL: The U.S. President is set to meet Afghan President and the head of the country’s peace council as the Taliban are reinforcing and gaining more ground in Afghanistan amid the Biden administration’s swift withdrawal of U.S. forces.

The White House said in a statement that U.S. President Joe Biden will meet with President Ghani and the chairman of High Council for National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah on Friday to discuss troop withdrawal, which has given rise to fighting between Afghan forces and the Taliban across Afghanistan.

However, Afghanistan has seen stratospheric surge in violence as the militants have seized control of over 40 districts near big cities since Biden’s decision in April to pull out all U.S. troops before September 11. The insurgents have expanded their footprint across rural Afghanistan as the U.S. forces began withdrawing troops on May 1.

The meeting is expected to be about President Biden assuring continued support to Afghanistan. The White House said that Biden will reassure Ghani and Abdullah of continued diplomatic, economic and humanitarian support for the Afghan people.

This is as an unbridled crescendo of territorial losses to the Taliban and stalemated peace negotiations has served as a brutal reality check – ripping the veil off our delusions of military control after decades of American military engagement.

The Taliban have mocked the scheduled Washington meeting and called it futile. This is as painstaking attempts by the Afghan government at convincing the militants to accept ceasefire and firmly pursue peace negotiations have proved to be counterproductive as the Taliban continue to stymie any substantive talks.

The dangers of rapid Taliban victories are grave as the vast majority of Afghanistan fear the militants will regain power only to reverse the substantial progress made in the past two decades including human rights.

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