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Attacks against Kabul surged comparing last year: Shoffner

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: After the recent spate of violence and suicide attacks in Kabul, the Resolute Support Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Brig. Gen. Wilson Shoffner said that militant attacks have steadily increased in Kabul compared to the past year.

He said that militants by carrying out attacks in Kabul want to show that the incumbent government is failing in providing security to the public. “Though the Afghan security forces are doing well and gained numerous achievements, but still they need support of foreign forces”, he said.

More input from TOLONews:

According to Brig. Gen. Wilson Shoffner, there has been about a 10 percent increase in rebel attacks against this time last year.

He said: “We have seen about a 40 percent increase in IEDs this fighting season and about a six percent increase in high profile attacks.”

“Kabul has strategic significance for the insurgents however two of them stand out. The first one is that it is a symbol of the government’s authority and is the capital city. The second one is that the attacks receive wide media coverage and this is what the insurgents want.”

Shoffner said that Afghan security forces have been demonstrating well against insurgents however they still need the assistance of the foreign coalition.

Shoffner had been speaking only hours before a deadly suicide car bombing rocked the capital, killing at least 12 people and injuring over 60, including women and children.

Following the attack, Resolute Support strongly condemned the incident which left three of its foreign civilian contractors dead.

Shoffner said on Saturday: “Instead of seizing an opportunity to embrace peace, insurgents have again chosen violence in an attempt to remain relevant.”

“Regardless of the target of their attacks, insurgents continue to inflict a heavy toll on innocent Afghan civilians,” he said.

Shoffner said despite the attack, Resolute Support remains committed to assisting its Afghan partners in achieving sustainable security and stability.

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