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AUAF accused of preaching anti-ethnic bias

AT News Report-KABUL: The American University of Afghanistan has been accused of fomenting anti-ethnic bias and fabricating contradictory lingual rhetoric.

Some university lecturers and analysts have said that a module of AUAF’s Master’s program entails misinformation about the percentage of the Pashtun population within Afghanistan as well as biased information about the history of the Pashtu language and the values of the de facto Durand Line.

Author and historian Habibullah Radfi, and lawmakers Arian Yun and Mohammad Hanif Hanafi have said that AUAF preaching racial bias was at odds with the national values and treason against the Pashtun ethnicity and language, and could also trigger cross-ethnic hatred. They also confided that these modules should be discarded from the university curriculum.

Moreover, the higher education ministry has also accused the AUAF of fanning antiracial sentiments, saying private universities were not bound by rules.

Zaher Wahab, author of the AUAF’s controversial chapter has said the material was being taught there but refused to attend a live dialogue on the issue in the Kabul News TV network.

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