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Australia commits $20m, Canada allocates $15m to Afghanistan

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KABUL – In a show of international solidarity, both Australia and Canada have stepped forward to provide substantial aid to address the pressing humanitarian needs in Afghanistan. The Australian government recently announced a generous contribution of $20 million to support the Afghan population, as revealed in a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday.

This financial assistance is specifically designated for the people of Afghanistan, including those who have migrated to neighboring countries. Australia’s commitment to aiding the Afghan population is particularly timely, given the current challenges faced by Afghan citizens in Pakistan and Iran.

Thousands are being expelled daily through the Islam Qala, Torkham, and Spin Boldak borders from Pakistan into Afghanistan, heightening the urgency of humanitarian support. Australia, having previously allocated a total of $265 million to the UNHCR at the “Global Refugee Forum,” continues to demonstrate its dedication to international welfare, with a significant portion of the contribution directed towards the Rohingya people in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Simultaneously, Canada has joined this global effort by allocating $15 million in financial aid to assist vulnerable Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Central Asian countries. Mark Miller, the Canadian Immigration Minister, made this announcement at the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva, emphasizing the funds’ availability to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). This financial commitment aligns with Canada’s broader strategy to support displaced individuals within their current host countries.

Miller underscored the importance of meeting the needs of Afghan refugees in the host countries, stating, “The Government of Canada has committed to providing CAN$21 million (US$15 million) in grant funding over three years (from 2022–2023 to 2024–2025) to support the IOM’s Comprehensive Action Plan.” The funded activities focus on aiding government and local organizations in responding to the protection, health, and integration needs of Afghan refugees in five neighboring countries: Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

These collaborative efforts by Australia and Canada highlight the ongoing international support for Afghanistan, underscoring the shared commitment to addressing the heightened challenges and humanitarian needs faced by the Afghan population.

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