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“Balance of Engagement” as a Foreign Policy Approach for Afghanistan: Prospects for Peace and Stability

By Sayed Maqsood Sadat Since its independence (1919), Afghanistan is constantly experiencing strategic shift both in domestic affairs as well as in Foreign Policy approaches: from Monarchy to Presidency form of governance and from Communism to Capitalism political system. Eventually, the state name in Afghanistan has been changed at least …

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317 more Taliban prisoners released on Eid days

AT News KABUL: The government says it has freed 317 Taliban prisoners on the days of Eid ul Adha, the National Security Council said Friday, while the insurgent group said they had freed 1,005 government prisoners. “Under the president’s instructions, 317 Taliban prisoners were released on the two days of …

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Some Afghan Sentiments About Peace Through Media

On February 29, the United States unilaterally signed a peace agreement with the Taliban.  Under this agreement, the United States will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and Taliban will sever ties with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations and will not allow any terror activities against the United States and its …

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