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Lack of Political Unity, Good Governance & Endemic Corruption Peter out Afghan Government Stance in Future Political Set-up in the Country

By Mohammed Gul SAHIBBZADA It has been two decades in the making since the US and allied forces toppled Taliban regime and installed Hamid Karzai as head of transitional Government of Afghanistan in 2001, who continued to rule the country for thirteen years, followed by Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, who took …

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By Zia Nezam We must strive to achieve a peace agreement, but it must be a fair and equitable peace agreement. In the 2019 Asia Foundation national survey of 18,000 respondents, only 13 percent of Afghans said that they have a lot or a little sympathy for the Taliban, while …

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Editorial: Nawroz celebration

The first day of the New Year in Afghanistan is called Nawroz. It begins on the spring equinox, and is being celebrated worldwide by various ethno-linguistic groups. The first day of our month is “Hamal”. Nawroz is a rite dating back to at least the 6th centuries BC. This historic …

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