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Authorities scramble to combat severe air pollution

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KABUL: National Bureau of Environment Protection has said that the private residential towns and industrial factories, which are lack of standard system, posing air pollution, would be fined 25,000 Afs per week.

The Bureau has given nearly one week deadline to the commercial industries and residential towns to establish the “standard environmental system and requirements’.

“The private residential towns and industrial factories will be investigated, because they often use coal and if they do not establish air filters, they will be fined,” an official of the department, Lila Samani said.

According to him, the penalization would be based on the number of heaters and bathrooms- which mostly use flammable materials for heating.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior has also warned the industrial factories, bakeries, brick factories and wedding halls to avoid usage of materials which damage the environment and pose air pollution. The ministry said that the users of the harmful materials would be held accountable.

The ministry has published a punishment code which says, “The individual that use materials that pollute the air for the living creatures, is committing a crime against the environment and will be intermediately imprisoned.”    

The intermediate imprison starts from one to five years in jail, according to the officials.

Moreover, President Ashraf Ghani has emphasized on serious steps to be taken towards countering the air pollution in the country and called on the industrial factories and other users to establish an air filters and avoid further damages to the weather.

In addition to ongoing conflicts, the air pollution is one of the greatest challenges, which threats the life of thousands and thousands of Afghans.

Residents of capital Kabul have expressed concerns about the weather pollution, saying that the problem has posed them several diseases. “During night because of air pollution, everything is fogy. I can’t even breathe well,” said Shir Afghan, a resident of Kabul city.

On the other hand, some of the traders and owners of the industrial factories said that they have established the air-filters to prevent the increase of air pollution in Kabul.   

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