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‘Aware of Hairatan corruption’ Saleh to Noor, “I am taking care of my teeth”

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KABUL: First Vice President Amrullah Saleh, angrily addressed Atta Noor Chief Executive of Jamiat Party, promising to dismiss employees of the Hairatan port in Balkh province most of whom are said to have been Noor’s men.

Saleh said Tuesday that the security pact was not a secret document, calling on the Balkh governor to distribute it to all government and non-government bodies there.Saleh said he has a “thick file” about corruption in Hairatan port. “If you want, you will receive that thick file to know that we know about wide corruption in Hairatan.”

He said that the security pact also includes people involving in extortion, bullying and land grabbing, vowing to share them with the people.

According to Saleh, the first meeting of security pact was held with the presence of heads of eight provinces and was shared with the people.

He said that dozens of people were interviewed to explain their opinions in writing of the security pact and all criminal backgrounds were evaluated.

Saleh compared the security pact in Balkh to an urban master plan that needs quick changes.

“A little joking and a little seriously let me say that I am taking care of my teeth,” he told Noor, referring to Noor’s last year threat to the chairman of reconciliation council Abdullah Abdullah that he would break all latter’s teeth.

Saleh was ordered by President Ghani to take security responsibility of Kabul. Just shortly after he took the job, scores of students were killed in two attacks in the Kawsar-e-Danesh educational center and Kabul University.

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