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Badakhshan pistachio yields exceed 100 tons

AT News Report-KABUL: Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock on Saturday said pistachio yields in northern Badakhshan province have increased to 100 tons this year.

According to Badakhshan agriculture provincial office, pistachio yields exceeded the 100 ton projection.

A statement said that Badakhshan produced 300 tons of pistachio last year, but this year pistachio yield increased to 400 tons, which reveled significant increase.

MAIL supporting and training programs for gardens were one of the factors behind increasing of pistachio production in the province, added statement.

Statement stated that the pistachio gardens mostly located in Toshkan, Yaftal Paian, Argo, Kishm, Derayam, Darwazha, Ragh, Yawan and and Kohistan cities and districts in the province.

Statement said that income of pistachio in Badakhshan province reached to over 285 million afs.

Newly established pistachio gardens by MAIL through NHLP program reached to 520 acres land in Badakhshan, mentioned statement.

Additionally 14,000 hectares of pistachio naturally located in different part of Badakhshan province, asserted statement.

Badakhshan Provincial Agriculture Department beside training and supportive program for farmers has run different awareness program for people in order to protect pistachio forest in the province.

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