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Badakhshan’s Wardooj district retaken after 4 years

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KABUL: The Afghan security forces have retaken control of Wardooj district – which had been in the Taliban’s hands over the past four years – in northeastern Badakhshan province, officials from relevant ministries said on Friday.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) and Ministry of Defense (MOD) jointly confirmed that the Taliban had suffered heavy casualties in security operations, which resulted in retaking control of the district.

A spokesman for MoD, Fawad Aman, said that at least 50 foreign militants were killed in the raids, adding parts of Baharak and Jurm districts were also cleared of the Taliban.

He stated that the Taliban’s hideouts and strongholds were destroyed, adding the mopped-up operations were conducted in Jurm, Baharak and Wardooj districts four days ago. “Many areas have been cleared of the Taliban during these operations,” he said.

Wardooj shares border with Jurm, Baharak, Ishkashim, Zibak, and Shuhada districts. It is considered as a strategic district of Badakhshan.

“The operations which have been carried out to recapture areas and push terrorists back should be followed by proper plans to maintain those areas and keep them safe from threats,” said Assadullah Nadim, a military affairs analyst.

Badakhshan shares border with Pakistan, China, and Tajikistan. It has turned into an insecure province over the last few years while it had once been the most secure region across the country.  

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