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Baghlan residents up against Pakistan

AT-KABUL: Hundreds of civil society activists, tribal leaders and politicians staged on Wednesday a demonstration in Baghlan province against Pakistan’s fomenting terrorism and causing destruction Afghanistan. The protest urged the international community to declare Pakistan as a terror sponsoring state and impose economic and diplomatic sanctions on it.

The protesters were chanted anti-Pakistan slogans, in which asked the US led international community to press Pakistan and force it to abandon its notorious interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan and immediately stop Pakistan’s rocket shelling into Afghanistan various parts, especially the eastern provinces of Nangarhar and Kunar.

“The aim of this demonstration is to condemn the Pakistan’s interference in our country for decades. Afghans are tired from this situation and they can no longer tolerate it,” Dr. Osman Sherzai, a leader of the protest expressed his zero-tolerance against the violation of Afghanistan’s sovereignty.

He said the United Nations and United States must not be tight lipped over the violation of Afghanistan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Similarly, another activist, Sha Zaman Zamani said that Pakistan was had been behind the bloody conflict in Afghanistan since longtime, adding time has arrived to confront and defeat Pakistan imposed terrorism and its open aggression against Afghanistan and its people.

He emphasized on the alignment of states and people in the region against Pakistan to eliminate it from the surface of this earth, adding as long as Pakistan remains in place on the world map, durable peace and stability in the region would be a dream.

He added Pakistan has been actively engaged in declared war with Afghanistan and US led International community, aimed at destabilizing Afghanistan and undermining US and NATO interests in the region.

He urged the international community to firmly stand behind Afghanistan and its people and revisit Durand Line to end Pakistan’s terror policies and to win war on terror.


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