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Baghlan residents for rapid distribution of e-NIC

AT-KABUL: Public representatives and civil society activists in the northern Baghlan province have warmly welcome the rollout of electronic National Identity Cards (e-NIC), emphasizing on the government to gear up the distribution process across the country.

Complaining against the slow process and delay in distribution, a public representative, Shamsul Haq Barakzai expressed zero tolerance, asking the Unity Government to speed up the process and extend it to other provinces to provide all the citizens with their fundamental and national rights at the same time.

“I am proud of my national identity and will remain an Afghan forever — a fact that should be written in my e-NIC,” Barakzai said.

Moreover, Asadullah Shahbaz—another public representative in the provincial council has also announced his support to the e-NIC process and wanted the government to inaugurate the distribution process in Baghlan province as well.

Slamming those who create hurdles in the process, he called on President Ashraf Ghani to overcome all the obstacles and unmask the circles derailing the process of e-NIC, adding e-NIC is a national issue and right of every Afghan. He added the e-NIC could help the country’s security forces in their efforts of prevailing peace and eliminating terrorism from the surface of the country.

Similarly, a civil society leader, Ahmad Nasir Hairan, said civil society has been fully supporting the rollout process of the e-NIC, including other productive decisions by the government, when it comes to the national interests and Afghan-ism. He called on the government to remove all barriers in the process and complete it as soon as possible.

“If the government is working on a power-sharing formula with a specific political party, the process of e-NIC must be resolved,” Hairan said.

According to him, fair and transparent electoral process in the country could not be possible until the issue of e-NIC was not resolved on war-footed basis.

It comes at a time when the government has yet to develop a national consensus on the issue by removing all the visible and invisible hindrances in the smooth and quick distribution of the e-NIC, despite majority of the Afghan masses have repeatedly announced their support to the process.

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