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‘Bajwa’s visit to Kabul a deceive move’

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Former Heads of National Directorate of Security (NDS), Amrullah Saleh, and Rahmatullah Nabil reacted to the recent visit of Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff, Qamar Javed Bajwa, calling on the government to stay vigilant as Pakistan duplicity is known to all.

Amrullah Saleh called Bajwa’s visit a deceive act, calling on the government not to magnify this journey as honesty does visible in it.

“National Unity Government (NUG) has to wait. Please do not be hurry in saying that new season of cooperation with Pakistan had been started,” Saleh wrote on his facebook page.

“What if Haqqani terrorist network and the Taliban insurgent kill our people, that I am sure they would commit this crime over and over, and you would say that the attack was designed and funded from other side of the Durand Line,” he furthered.

He added, “The visit of Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff is not due to turning point in their policies, nor because of our strength, but because of threat and pressure that imposed on them (Pakistani officials) by Donald Trump.”

He added that there is no reason to be hopeful for a new season without seeing and experimenting with tangible results. Meanwhile, with the onset of each winter season, attacks and assassination of the Taliban’s insurgents is getting lower.

He added, “Please don’t blow up your anti-Pakistani narrative, which have given little credence to the government, and don’t describe it big with a few hours of visit that full of forehead of pickle and anxiety.

He furthered, “Yes this trip was a great achievement for Afghanistan that forced Chief of Army Staff of a nuclear country. But let’s be realistic, what can be its reason. Whatever the reason would be, but honesty is not there, unless they end the war and stop supporting terrorism.”

At the same time Rahmatullah Nabil, ex-NDS chief termed Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff visit to Kabul as a deceive act, and warned regarding dishonesty of Pakistan over peace and reconciliation process.

“We should not trust Pakistan,” Nabil told Voice of America (VoA), adding that Pakistan would continue to their political and military meddling in Afghanistan.

According to the former NDS chief, Pakistan’s new approach to Afghanistan is due to US pressure and also a tactical issue, and the country (Pakistan), has no honesty to this approach. “Trusting Pakistan for the second time is a mistake.”

However, Jawed Faisal, Deputy Head of Spokesman for CEO, Abdullah Abdullah said that Pakistani chief of army staff, Qamar Javed Bajwa, assured Afghanistan that this time Islamabad will act upon its commitment on certain issues.

Meanwhile, a number of lawmakers in parliament said in view of Pakistan’s controversial role in the fight against insurgency, the Afghan government should be vigilant in making sure Pakistan does not deceive Afghanistan.

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