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Balkh Journalists concerned over growing media challenges


Kabul: Journalists and other members of the media have expressed concerns about the growing challenges that the media and journalists in the province of Balkh are facing, reported Tolo news.

In a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Information and Culture in Balkh, they emphasized the need to find solutions to the problems facing the province’s journalists and media.

“There are too many restrictions on the media, deputy, if you take a note and discuss it with the elders, it would be better. A solution must be found so that we may continue our activities based on it,” Abdul Basir Abed, director of Arzoo TV.

“Many media outlets went bankrupt and many journalists lost their jobs. We must give them motivation and hope,” said Sayed Mohammad Yazdanparast, director of a local radio station in Balkh.

Meanwhile, the northern zone’s organizations that support journalists asked that restrictions on them be lifted.

“Our main problem is access to information. Steps should be taken so that we don’t face a problem receiving the information that is essential in our daily reports,” said Abdul Latif Sahak, head of the media safety committee in Balkh.

However, the Ministry of Information and Culture officials said that they are making an effort to provide journalists access to facilities.

“I have written down your suggestions, and I will send these requests to the Minister of Information and Culture and the Minister himself,” said Mohammad Yunus Rashid, deputy of Youth of the Ministry of Information and Culture.

In the last year and a half, 49 print media outlets and 35 TV and radio outlets have suspended operations, according to figures from Balkh’s organizations supporting journalists.

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