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Ballot recount in 2,500 polling stations still in tatters

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KABUL: Afghanistan’s election complaints commission has said that its decision for ballot recount of more than 2,500 polling stations marred by fraud has met with opposition, leaving the recount in tatters.

The commission’s spokesperson, Mohammad Reza Fayyaz, has said that after adjudication of complaints and assessment of appeals, provincial offices of the commission had voted for a recount of ballots in 2,555 polling stations.

He said the work is still ongoing on adjudication of appeals of candidates.

The prolonged election process has become very irritating in the face of unreasoned delays and fabricated challenges. Every single process in the elections are time-consuming, contributing to a lengthening of the election for more than four months.

Afghan dared existential threats to cast their votes in droves in October last year to practice their right to suffrage as a democratic right they are entitled to – but to no avail.

Now, the fate of the nation lies in the hands of few commissioners whose mettle is being tested as they are burdened with a grand responsibility to speed the process of elections and stay firm in maintaining justice and transparency.

Primary results of Afghanistan’s controversial presidential race were announced last month after over three months of drawbacks over allegations of fraud and vote rigging. Overlooking petitions to scrap over 300,000 controversial votes, state election authorities tallied all ballots and reported that Ghani was the frontrunner with more than 50% of the 1.8 million votes.

The results followed piles of complaints flooding the complaints commission, which launched a major classification of all filed grievances. An aggregate of 16,500 complaints had been filed to challenge the primary output of presidential election. Chief Executive Abdullah who had almost 39% has been challenging the result claiming his rival Ghani had manipulated the polls and stuffed thousands of ballots including one third of his tallied vote.

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