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Baloch-Americans demand sanctions against Pakistan

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The Baloch-Americans during an event, joined by a large number of Afghans have appealed the United States to impose economic and political sanctions on Pakistan for being involved in violation of human rights in Balochistan province.

Ahmar Khan, founding president of the American Friends of Balochistan, accused: “As I speak, Pakistani generals are killing the Balochs, dumping our bodies and shooting civilians from helicopters.”

He also claimed the security forces of Pakistan are “abducting us, perpetrating the most dehumanizing torture like feeding feces to our youth and even leaving feces in their mouths after torturing them to death”.

Khan was addressing the participants of an event “Untold Story: What’s happening in Balochistan,” organized on Friday by the American Friends of Balochistan and sponsored by the Afghan Students Association at the prestigious George Washington University.

“I am appealing to all Americans to support end crimes against humanity in Balochistan in whatever way you can. You may please demand two things immediately that includes: end any business with the notorious  lSl, Frontier Corps and the southern command of Pakistan Army that are involved in extra-judicial killings in Balochistan,” he said.

The Leahy Amendment restricts the US from doing business with such entities affiliated with a foreign army, who cared two hoots about human rights.

He further emphasized on a congressional fact-finding mission to Balochistan.

A twitter account close to the Military intelligence of Pakistan has threatened the Afghan students on the charges they were funding the American Friends of Balochistan simply because the Afghan Students Association sponsored the event, he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Najeeb Khan narrated his personal story of torture and abuse he received at the hands of Pakistani security forces. “I lived most of my life in Quetta. My family has been closely associated with the struggle for Pashton rights, reforms and freedom of the oppressed nations.”

“My uncle was assassinated in 1990 in Kabul by the Pakistani intelligence because of being a Pashton patriot,” he claimed.

Professor Christine Fair from the prestigious Georgetown University and T Kumar from the Amnesty International were among those who addressed the participants of the event.


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