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Bamyan Journalists Express Concern over Limitation of Access to Information

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KABUL: Journalists in the relatively secure province of Bamiyan in the center of Afghanistan express concerns over what they say “restrictions in access to information”. In a resolution issued Tuesday, they called on the local government not to spare sharing information with the media based on the information law.

Zaman Ahmadi, a journalist in Bamiyan, said that security threats against reporters have increased which is a matter of serious concern.

Eshaq Akrami, another journalist in the province said at a press conference that he and another reporter were beaten up by the head of the state-run radio and television station in Bamiyan last week.

He asked the attorney office to investigate the case.

The resolution also called on the security and judiciary organs to impartially investigate threats against journalists.

Mohammad Reza Arman, head of government radio and television station in Bamiyan said that he had no problem with him.

Arman said that Akrami first started dispute and he only defended himself.

He rejected Akrami’s allegation that he was beaten up by a group of Arman’s friends at the office, saying he was alone involved in the dispute.

Abdullah Shayagan, a rights activist in Bamiyan, said the current situation of journalists was worrying. He said the situation was deteriorating day by day and the space was being limited for journalists and rights activists.

The current situation, Shayagan said, caused self-censorship by some journalists and even some of them fled the province.

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