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Barekzai brushes off allegations against Khalid

KABUL: After International Human Rights Commission accused defense minister Asadullah Khalid of committing human rights violations, a prominent member of parliament came in Khalid’s defense and dismissed all the allegations.

A member of the parliament’s complaints commission, Obaidullah Barekzai, on Sunday brushed off accusations slung against defense minister, describing him as a ‘loyal and patriot’.

“We definitely denied (accusations against Khalid); their judgement runs against national interests of Afghanistan and sovereignty of Afghans,” he said.

The accusations come as international human rights commission stated a reports on Saturday, in which it criticized Khalid for violation of human rights, thus he has owned a private jail in Kandahar.

The reports added that Khalid has threatened the victim’s family not to tout for their rights.

The report said, that the international human rights community has demanded supportive countries to sue him as the Afghan government has no intension to impeach him.

The international human rights called on European community to put serious sanction over Afghan government and stop aids and donation to the country.

Political analyst, Wadeer Safi, calls the accusation ‘illogic’. “They should have accused him of any crimes they are accusing him of now when he was assigned as defense minister. They should have objected to the government’s decision to assign a criminal in a top post,” he said.

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