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Barmak says ministry provides a lucrative stream of government revenue

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Ministry of Interior has received 4.9 billion Afghanis in half-yearly revenue this fiscal year, against 3.8 billion of the past year.

Minister of interior Wais Ahmad Barmak on Sunday said the ministry’s revenue reached Afs 4.9 billion. Speaking at explanation of four years MoI strategy, he said that last year’s income was 3.8 billion afs, but this year it increased significantly.

He termed running of reformation programs main factor behind increase of income in the ministry of interior. He said that beside security reinforcement MoI is a good source of income in the country.

The incomes gained through distributing passports, licenses, car documents and other services.

Minister said that only police will failed to reinforce security in a better manner, thus it is required of people to support police forces in order to improve security in a better condition.

He said that MoI is working to link all the ministry’s organs in capital and provinces to a information bank in order to keep a transparent trend of financial resources.

Fighting corruption is the top agenda for the ministry in the frame of four years strategy, he added.

He stated that the second priority is establishing of a proper human resource system.

Similar training of police and establishing a guideline for this national force is other top agenda in the coming four years.

He said that educated and trained police with having a guideline would be able to interact in a better manner in the society to be acceptable for all.

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