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Battle on to retake Taliban-overrun district, save missing personnel

AT-KABUL: A fierce battle of Afghan security forces is going on with the Taliban assailants in northern Baghlan province to retake the overrun Tala wa Barfak district and to rescue as many as 100 missing security forces.

The Taliban took control of the district in a fierce attack three days ago and after assailants overran the district headquarters, some 100 security personnel and chiefs disappeared in nearby mountains.

Baghlan police spokesman Zabihullah Shuja on Thursday said security forces were engaged in a clearance operation to rid the district of the assailants. However he said that dozens of the missing security forces have been found in the operation thus far. “Over 31 missing people, including the district administrative and police chiefs, were found with the aid of Afghan air forces,” he added.

“But dozens of security forces are still missing,” said Shuja, adding that air and ground forces were carrying out an operation to free the town.

When the Taliban attacked the district center, Tala wa Barfak district chief says, all security personnel fled and hid in the nearby mountain. Mohammad Ismail Barfaki said that 70 security forces were rescued to safety on Thursday morning. However, security forces were trying to find other missing personnel.

Baghlan governor Abdul Hai Nimati said 300 commando shad reached Doshi district to fight the insurgents. Nimati said the operation is also aimed at retaking Dehna Ghori district, which has been under the Taliban over the past two years. “70 security forces and officials have been rescued and the search continues to find the remaining missing people with the aid of four helicopters,” he added.

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