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Bid to resolve Ghani-Abdullah feud falters

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KABUL: After a five-day deadline for President Ghani to reach a deal with his electoral rival Abdullah Abdullah, the latter now says that all efforts were fruitless to make a deal between him and Ghani.

Ghani was declared as winner of last year’s presidential election and Abdullah rejected the announcement, accusing Ghani of fraud. He then took an oath ceremony on the same day that the president’s inauguration was taking place.

Ghani then agreed to appoint Abdullah as the head of a body for peace efforts, but he rejected the offer, demanding the chief executive position that he ran in the past five years.

Abdullah’s Spokesman Feraidoon Khozon, warned Friday that they would announce their cabinet as a parallel government.

Political figures such Hamid Karzai and Rasoul Sayyaf tried to mediate between Ghani and Abdullah, but Khozon says that Ghani did not want to be flexible, thus the efforts were fruitless.

“Either they (Ghani) do not know or do not want to know of the consequences of this crisis. We know what will be the consequence of this problem and thus, we showed flexibility. Now, those who do not want to accept, will be accountable for any situation,” Khozon warned.

Though Ghani agreed to halt making his new cabinet for five days, but he appointed the new head of government’s administration affairs late Thursday.

Presidential office says they would keep the doors open for negotiations and that Ghani wanted an inclusive government based on the constitution.

“Meeting took place with political leaders and we hope to gain an agreement based on the constitution,” Ghani’s Spokesman Latif Mahmoud said.

But some of political leaders who have met the president and Abdullah, accuse them of carelessness to people’s condition.

“Unfortunately, they (Ghani and Abdullah) do not realize. They think that all is well, but in fact a bad consequence is facing Afghanistan,” senator Alam Izadyar said.

“They need to put their differences aside and reach a solution so that we can fight terrorism and the Corona virus,” another politician Dawood Kalakani said.

The United States announced it would cut one billion dollars from aids to Afghanistan after secretary of state Mike Pompeo failed in his Kabul visit to bring Ghani and Abdullah closer in a political broker.

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