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Biden, Modi urge Taliban to build inclusive government

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KABUL: U.S. President Joe Biden and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on the Taliban administration to establish an inclusive political structure in Afghanistan.

In a joint statement on Thursday during Narendra Modi’s visit to Washington, both the leaders directly addressed the Taliban and called upon them to fully respect the human rights of all Afghan citizens, including women and girls, and to ensure freedom of movement for all.

They expressed their unwavering support for a peaceful, secure, and stable Afghanistan, underscoring the vital importance of creating an environment that promotes harmony and prosperity for the Afghan people. The current humanitarian situation was also discussed, with both leaders acknowledging the pressing need to provide immediate and sustained humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan, who are facing immense challenges.

Furthermore, they urged the Taliban to comply with UN Security Council Resolution 2593, which explicitly prohibits the use of Afghan territory for threatening or attacking other countries, harboring or training terrorists, or planning and financing acts of terrorism. This resolution serves as a critical framework for the international community’s expectations of responsible behavior from the Taliban.

The joint statement was made during Indian Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the United States, where he was hosted by President Joe Biden at the White House. However, concerns remain regarding the Taliban’s commitment to genuine engagement with the international community.

While they have expressed a desire for positive interactions, the Taliban has also emphasized their opposition to any interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, which raises questions about their willingness to embrace constructive dialogue and meaningful change.

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